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Why slot machines are more like video games today

If there’s such a thing as time travel, casino-goers in the 60s would be very much surprised with how slot machines are being made today. In the past, all slot machines were pretty much the same, featuring fruit icons that players needed to match on the reels. However, slot machines are more complex today, integrating arcade-like features into the game play. There’s a reason why slot machines have developed like this and here are some of the major reasons why:

There are a lot of young adults who go to casinos today
According to the New York Times, more and more young adults hang out in casinos. However, the problem is that they go to casinos to party at nightclubs and playing slots or table games aren’t high on their priority list. As such, in order to draw the younger ones into the gaming areas, slot developers have started developing machines that would catch their attention. Today, there are a lot of slot machines that look and play like video games. To cite a few examples, Star Trek and Star Wars are slots that not only offer reel-spinning action but bonus features that function like arcade games as well. Developing slots with a video game theme is a huge success since such titles now have a huge following by the younger demographic in brick-and-mortar casinos.

To make the games more interactive
Slot machines have developed in such a way that they now offer entertainment in every step of the way. Apart from their stunning graphics and enjoyable sounds, slot machines are also great in terms of game play. For example, on Betfair’s Arcade site, there are several games that require players to make sudden choices or pick reel images that affect the outcome of the game aside from continuously hitting the spin button. Some of the games that feature these mechanics are Ghostbusters, Wolverine, and Batman. By being interactive, players get more from the machines and will look forward to playing them not only for their jackpot prize but also for the gaming experience.

They make the machines very marketable
Casino-goers today are now used to playing slots that are more like the casual games they play on computers. Slots with top-notch graphics, well-orchestrated sounds, and gameplay that makes the experience more enjoyable are preferred. To have all that, slot machines needed to adapt to the changing wants of people. So far, the inclusion of video game mechanics to slots is very much successful. This is because ever since the slot machines have evolved into what they are now today, they became the most important asset of casinos all over the world. Slot machines are reported to garner around 80% of the gaming establishments’ annual revenues.

The Resilience of PC Gaming

PC Gamers are Legion

PC Gamers are Legion

People have been calling the end of PC gaming since way before the last console generation was born. The PS3 and Xbox360 were once even thought to bring the final death blows and the Wii was supposed to clean-up the bloody mess. Well, that didn’t happen and consoles won’t be taking over anytime soon. At least I’m not counting on it. We’re now welcoming the PS4, XBOne and the Wii U… not so much the Wii U… and the PC still stands strong.

Gaming and Advertising


In-game advertising is everywhere. Whoever didn’t figure out it was going to happen eventually is clearly in denial. Is it good or bad? Let’s say both. Every free game on my Android phone has some sort of ads – especially when connected to the net while playing. Every browser game I’ve played has some sort of ads. Games on PC and platforms already have a lot of ads. It’s an unwelcome distraction but one that I can live with. Maybe people aren’t used to them yet but they’re here to stay. If you’re ranting, get over it. You’ll eventually get used to it. Trust me. I’ve been hearing complaints about in-game advertising and how it affects “the essence of gaming”. To that I say: Stop whining and just have fun.

Much Too Much Gaming

Here at Mubees, we are all for gaming.

Responsible Gaming.

Gaming is addictive. I know that, you know that, your cousin Bob knows that and your Aunt Annie does too. Having spent more time gaming in front of the TV screen or PC monitor compared to most people twice my age, I believe you can consider me knowledgeable on the matter.

Gamer Gamer Cheater Cheater

First let me begin with what every single gamer knows — every other gamer has cheated – somehow, someway. Don’t tell me you never did. Trust me, even if you think your never did, at one point it’s happened.

Lets begin with how cheats come to be. Well, there are a number of ways a cheat is born. First, it is made by the developer, a third party and/or it is made by the player.

There are a number of reasons why a developer would develop ways to cheat in a game. First thing that comes to mind is testing. With a cheats, you are able to skip checkpoints, get infinite life, unlimited bullets, max this and max that, etc, etc. Cheating allows the tester to move freely, quickly and more efficiently through the game’s environment without having to do go through the unnecessary crap typically associated with game levels/stages/missions. Another would be to allow players an alternative way of beating the game. On a note, I appreciate it when developers allow you to cheat but “penalize” you with it. Like not being able to post scores online or branding your in-game record as “cheater”. While you get to beat the game easily with cheats, you get driven to actually beat the game fairly simply because you can’t show your friends your record when all it says is “cheater”.